J.1-3 Primary Literacy Programme (PLPR/W)
• Promote the use of innovative and appropriate learning and teaching practices and methods to support the learning of reading and writing in English
• Foster students’ independence and motivation in reading and writing
• Promote the use of appropriate English resources for the learning and teaching of reading and writing in English
• Promote the interrelationship between planning and assessment in the process of teaching reading and writing
• Foster teachers’ understanding of formative assessment as the practice of continuously looking for specific information to inform learning and teaching
• Provide directions and guidance for setting up, implementing and maintaining classroom routines and management systems
• Promote and support the creation and management of an environment that will encourage students to learn to read and write in English
• Support the development of school-based English literacy programmes
• Promote the involvement of parents in achieving the objectives of the PLPR/W(KS1)